Book Review – One by Sarah Crossan

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Grace and Tippi are twins – conjoined twins. And their lives are about to change.

No longer able to afford homeschooling, they must venture into the world – a world of stares, sneers and cruelty. Will they find more than that at school? Can they find real friends? And what about love? But what neither Grace or Tippi realises is that a heart-wrenching decision lies ahead. A decision that could tear them apart. One that will change their lives even more than they ever imagined…

My thoughts

I don’t know what to say about this book other than the fact it had me bowled over by emotion.

Written in blank verse, One tells the story of life as conjoined twins, but from the point of one half of the duo, Grace. It begins with the family no longer being able to put the twins through homeschooling, thus escalating in having to deal with public school, dismissive students, relationships and an impending illness.

This novel is a compassionate tale of individuality, internal bond & teenage antics while completely overwriting how life with disability can be perceived. I know this novel is one that will stick me for a long time to come and I am so glad I read it. ❤


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