April & May Favourites 2017


Happy  Bank Holiday Monday, second Sunday!

Today I am back with another double hit of favourites, I’ve notice there’s quite a few items on the list this time ’round, so grab a cuppa and have a read 🙂

Beauty Bits


The pinkest brushes you ever did see! These cute brushes from Vander have been brightening up my make-up filled days, they’re reasonably priced and prove to be excellent quality as they’ve been used (quite generously) to apply make up and washed really well. My favourites so far have been the foundation, small blush and fan brushes.


Another beauty find I had to include was Catrice’s Prime and Fine eye shadow base, I picked it up on a whim one day and I am absolutely delighted that I did. Catrice are well known for their affordable yet high quality products and this primer is no different. Priced at just under 4 euro, I instantly found a difference in the colour & longevity of my shadows.



How adorable is this glass mason jar?! I picked it up from Dunnes for the bargain price of just 1.50 and is the perfect fit for homemade smoothies or even just water to keep hydrated, which is what I mostly use it for!

Skincare loves


Recently my skin has been in dire straits due to my thyroid and switching up of medication but this cream has been an absolute saviour. In my opinion, Aqueous Cream is seriously underrated as it’s such a fantastic fix for dry skin and I should know. I usually apply before showering and afterwards as a moisturiser, and I can honestly say that I started to see improvement within two applications.



I realise, – as an extreme book nerd – I am probably a little behind on this front but I have a new found appreciation of book lights. Yep, this month I purchased my first book light and it absolutely transformed my night time reading habit!


When time allows, my book of choice has been Jason Byrne’s memoir, Adventures of a Wonky-Eyed Boy. As I type, I have roughly half of this hilarious book read and I dread the thoughts of it coming to an end! (Review coming soon)



The one app I have been using recently is Google Drive, it’s been so easy to transfer files, photos and videos from my phone to laptop and now I wonder why the heck I didn’t download it sooner!

Why don’t you let me know what your current favourites are by leaving a comment below? I always reply!

Until next time,

-Denise. xx


10 responses to “April & May Favourites 2017”

  1. lincolnlifesite Avatar

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      Cool, thank you 🙂

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      1. lincolnlifesite Avatar

        your welcome

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  2. maddyloveslife Avatar

    These brushes are super pretty! Great post💗

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      Thanks for reading ❤ I know, right? I make sure to always clean them after use, I love using them but can't bare to see them all muddied up! 😆

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  3. Oh I love that Mason Jar beautiful how long ago did you get it in Dunnes?

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      It was a few weeks ago now but they might still have some floating around the homeware section, however, I also happen to know Lidl are selling a four pack of mason jars for 4.99 from tomorrow. 🙂

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      1. Ah you can’t beat a good mason jar. But I loved the look of the Dunnes one might pop in there tomorrow and have a look see 👍😊

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      2. weesisworldblog Avatar

        I know, I do love a mason jar! Let me know if you manage to pick one up. 😄

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