Beauty Review – bBold Tan Lotion

IMG_0229You are now looking at a legitimate tan obsessive…

Okay, so I love my complexion to feature a bit of colour and glow as much as the next gal but past experiences with fake tan always put me off. For me, there’s a few factors that come into play. Firstly I hate tans with an overwhelming smell and more importantly I need to find a tan that will suit my dry and sensitive skin.

With health issues often making my skin dry at times, most popular branded tans would fail to show up on my skin or just cling to dry patches no matter what amount of exfoliating I did, and eventually I gave up on the thoughts of ever achieving that glow, or that was, until bBold caught my attention!

bBold claims that their lightweight and easy to use tan lotion is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to help protect and moisturise the skin while also improve skin texture. It adds that you will see instant colour, quick drying, the capability to last 7 days and boasts even fade technology, and to be honest, all I can say is that it does exactly what it says on the tin! I found the tan lotion to be extremely easy to apply and witness it glide over any dry patches (without irritating them) to give me a smooth and over all even tan which is something I have never achieved before.

Of course I made sure to exfoliate and moisturise in the days prior to tanning and waited out the duration allocated – which is 8 hours – before showering, essentially I applied the tan before hitting bed for a few hours sleep and showered in the morning! I have included a few comparison pictures below to give you a better idea.

First tryout
First application before showering
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Before showering and the bBold glow on my arm in comparison to my pale Irish legs!
After Showering
After showering and the glow still lives!
a perfectly bronzed selfie!

If you’re new to tanning or like me, your skin is sensitive to products then I would recommend this in a heartbeat! In fact, I am even excited to pick up and try out more bBold products in the future. Maybe the smart mousse next… 😉


3 responses to “Beauty Review – bBold Tan Lotion”

  1. The results look great!

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    1. Thanks, I think so too! It’s a lovely tan 🙂

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  2. […] becoming a regular tried and tested product range for me and in the past I have wrote about their tan lotion and how much of a tan obsessive it made me. Not an easy […]


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