January Playlist 2021

Hello everyone, anyone!

If you’ve been around here long enough you will know that I post a playlist of music favourites I round up throughout the month. I now find myself bringing them back for a third year and I am still as excited as ever to share them with you (I hope you are too!). These are some of my favourite posts to write, and now, it’s time to start a fresh with 2021.

New Year, new music, right?!

The majority of music I listened to in January were newly released singles so that’s where I am going to start…


Potential Breakup Song (Explicit) – Aly & AJ

Towards the very end of 2020, Aly & AJ swooped in with the re-release of the iconic ‘Potential Breakup Song’. This is the version we all knew it should have been had they not released it through Disney back in the day. Having said that, as a 12 year old pre-teen I loved the first version, but 24 year old me lives for this version! (So much so I even made a TikTok to it 😂) It almost feels as if the unfinished track has been completed, and yeah, there is something fun about singing a song from your childhood that now as a few expletives in it.

Champagne Butterflies – Wild Youth

This month, Wild Youth released the fun and colourful single ‘Champagne Butterflies’. Describing the title of the track, the lads say “It’s the celebratory butterflies that you feel when you meet someone and you fall for them for the first time.” Going on to explain they “associate champagne with a celebration so it’s like the good butterflies you get when you meet someone”. Mix that with the synth production and 80’s vibes, you’ve got one hell of a bop to get you through any hint of January blues.

This is January…

What songs were you loving or came across in January? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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