February Playlist 2021

Hi everyone!

Here we are for the second instalment of this year’s playlists, I know February always goes by in a flash but I feel like time is flying by recently. Anyone else? Anyhow, the faster the months come and go, the more music we get and February was no exception.

This month, I talk singles from Picture This, Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift and a brand new album from Apella. There is a lot to get through so let’s dive in!


1963 – Apella

An album I have been really enjoying this month is 1963 from Apella. Released towards the end of January, frontman Dara Quilty dedicated the album to his mother – naming the album after the year she was born – who has been living with cancer for over 10 years now. I’ve been into Apella’s music after hearing their first couple of singles on the radio and always wondered if they would release an album. Now that they have given us a fun album wrapped in the most beautiful tribute and cause, I can say it was more than worth the wait.

1963 is a contemporary rock/pop album filled with absolute bops, and tracks with lyrics so well crafted you will be sure to sing along. With the combined talents of Quilty’s songwriting and vocals skills and Ronan Nolan’s drumming, it’s one rhythmical treat for the ears. Between the initial singles such as ‘We Met At A Party’, ‘Graceful Dancer’ and the newly released material, I believe there is song for everyone to enjoy. Not only that, but when bought directly from Apella’s website, all proceeds made from this album will go to a range of cancer foundations. Good music for a worthy cause? You couldn’t possibly say no to that.

Find my personal favourite tracks from 1963 in my playlist below.


Things Are Different – Picture This

How many hit singles can one band produce? For Picture This, it is many, and it’s a streak that – thankfully – does not appear to be ending soon. ‘Things Are Different’ is the latest hit from the pop/rock band and I instantly loved it. Usually a man for writing love songs, Ryan Hennessy admitted this song might never have came about if it wasn’t for the chaos going on in the world around us today. It may have been inspired by a harrowing year for so many, but this is not a sad song, it’s reassuring, and upon listening, it’s like receiving a lyrical hug. Just take the line “and though the world is on fire, there is beauty in the flames” sure, it’s been an incredibly difficult time, but moments like this make way for new beginnings. Things have changed, but change isn’t always bad and hopefully, in the time we have all had to reflect, we will emerge a stronger, kinder and more understanding race than before.

Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

Okay… excuse my inner fangirl here but FEARLESS (TAYLOR’S VERSION) IS COMING! and to give us a sample of what’s to come, Taylor went and re-released the iconic ‘Love Story’. I am so excited for the re-release of Fearless (if you couldn’t already tell) but Love Story was such a part of my childhood/early teen years that it is has been one of my most anticipated releases, and when I heard Taylor’s version, it was like I was transported back to 2008 and hearing it again for the first time. Having the musicians who were on the first recording brought back for the re-release, it is everything I hoped it would be. Staying true to the country genre of it’s time, it is still similar to the ‘Love Story’ of before, just with even more flawless vocals (who would have thought?) and a version now Taylor gets to call her own. *Cue the nostalgic induced tears*…

Spaceman – Nick Jonas

New Nick Jonas solo material I hear you say? Yes, that’s right. Nick J is back! With the success of the Jonas Brothers reunion, I did not expect we would be getting solo Jonas music so soon but here we are. ‘Spaceman’ is the first single of Nick Jonas’ upcoming album, and takes inspiration in the world of social distancing and online interactions, with the title of Spaceman giving the song it’s own persona. It’s a pop track with an outer world vibe (get it? yeah, I’m sorry…) and I have had it on repeat. I feel like this is only the beginning of what’s to come from the JoBros solo and collaborative projects and I am here for it!

This is February…

What have you been listening to in February? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Check out last month’s playlist here


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