25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years

I have seen a lot of these ”things I have learned in (number of years)” posts over the years and I guess at 25, it’s my turn to write one. Why was 25 the year? I don’t know really, but what I do know is, life has taught me a thing or two over the last while and it’s all combined in making me the person I am today, so I am happy enough to share a few of the lessons I have learned, so far.

Here are 25 Things I have learned in 25 Years…

  1. Anxiety won’t always rule your life
  2. It’s okay to fly solo for a while, if you have to take a step back from a certain a friendship/relationship, to figure things out, do it.
  3. Never stop reading, books are a gateway to worlds that you might have never known. (Yes, Audiobooks count)
  4. Don’t be a victim to trends, wear the clothes/outfits you want to wear
  5. Focus on the positive influences in your life, not the negative, there are so many people around you that love and respect you for who you truly are
  6. Bad things happen to good people, unfortunately it’s out of our control
  7. Similarly, just because you are a good person, it won’t stop people saying negative things about you or to you, but you know your truth and that’s all that matters
  8. You will lose friends, it’s a natural part of life as people grow and move on
  9. … but you will make new ones and reconnect with old ones when circumstances allow (life can be full circle sometimes)
  10. Volunteer for an organisation/cause you are passionate about – you will not believe the value it adds to your life
  11. Going to college ‘later’ than you had anticipated will benefit you, you see a more clearer path because of it
  12. It’s good to look back to see how far you have come, but don’t dwell on the past
  13. You may feel a little lost at some stage, that can be life in your in 20s but please, keep going
  14. You will never regret pushing yourself out of your comfort zone or trying something new
  15. If you dropped hobbies – for whatever reason – pick up on them again, it’s never too late
  16. Don’t be afraid to march to your own beat, this your life, not anyone else’s
  17. Being a good friend is important, but don’t feel guilty about setting boundaries, you need to look out for yourself too.
  18. Your health actually is your wealth, and your body will show you that
  19. Save anything, €1, €5 or €25, you’ll be surprised to see how it all adds up.
  20. There’s no point in having regrets, every decision you made or experience you went through has led to you to this point in your life so far
  21. It’s more important to learn from your mistakes, rather than run away from them
  22. How you’re feeling right now, won’t last forever
  23. Things work out in the end, and if they haven’t, then it’s not the end (of the situation you’re in)
  24. You will realise being your authentic self, is the only way to live
  25. Soak in the time spent with family and friends, those memories will last a lifetime

So there it is! Here’s to being 25 and entering the second half of my 20s 🍰🥂


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