Album Review – C’Mon You Know – Liam Gallagher

Whilst I am not one for taking sides, the beginning of Liam Gallagher’s solo career in 2017 definitely made me lean towards his music a little more than one other Gallagher brother in particular, and is this coming from someone who loves Oasis. (Shoutout to my Dad for that influence!)

Back with his third solo album, Liam Gallagher released ‘C’Mon You Know’ on May 27th, just two days ago at the time of writing.

Upon listening to the album I had expected either an Oasis-esque sound or after the first two albums, perhaps something a bit different, and in true LG fashion, different is what we got.

“People talking like they’re gods, but that’s just not the deal”

The opening track ‘More Power’ starts not with Gallagher’s voice, but the sound of an angelic choir. Probably not what you have expected to hear at first but perhaps that’s the way Gallagher wanted it. Are the lyrics “Is this what you came for?” a nod to that, who knows. The opener of the album starts off as slow-mid paced ballad and continues to build for the latter duration. It eases you into the album and it’s pretty clever.

“I’m shining like a diamond in the dark”

Then comes one of my favourites of the album, ‘Diamond In The Dark’. A track that settles more into the indie rock genre but still manages to feature a rhythmic groove. I quite like the songwriting of this one, and it’s got a chorus that’s easy to sing along to from the first listen.

‘Don’t Go Halfway’ is definitely a typical sounding Liam Gallagher tune, and this is where the album starts to feel a little more familiar. Whereas in the title track ‘C’mon You Know’, he’s “sick of acting like I’m tough” and urges us all to go out and live our lives, this is a very Oasis like track and I’m into it.

“Step out of the darkness unafraid”

Continuing through the album will lead you to the gut punching ‘Too Good For Giving Up’. When I first heard it while watching the ’48 Hours at Rockfield’ special/documentary earlier in the week, there was something about the lyrics that made me take notice. It’s easy to be cynical of a song which such a loaded message but I really love the sentiment of not giving up, and seeing your worth in other to push through the darkness. Maybe it’s a track we all need after the last two years, or maybe it will be prove comforting to someone out there. Either way, I think it’s worth listening to.

The previously released single ‘Everything’s Electric’, kicks off the second half of the album. Which in my opinion, is the revved up and ready to rock portion of the album. I mean Everything’s Electric is just a vibe anyway, isn’t it? It’s the kind of track that pumps you up, feeling like you could nearly run through walls.. and if that doesn’t explain the second half of the album, I don’t know what will.

“Go back to your prisoners ’cause I’m free”

The punk fulled ‘I’m Free’ has a real swagger to it, and I can already hear the crowds at upcoming Summer gigs screaming it aloud back to Gallagher. ‘Better Days’ is almost a kin to Oasis ‘Some Might Say’ in it’s lyrics: “There’ll be better days, when the sun gets into you” // “And the sadness washed away by the rain” with the album eventually wrapping up on the fourteenth track ‘Wave’ where he still manages to get in a “My brother don’t like me” line which I think is pretty Liam Gallagher in a nutshell, he’ll speak his mind and he really doesn’t give a sh*t.

It is an album I’d recommend checking out? Absolutely. Where being a Liam Gallagher or Oasis fan might help when it comes to listening, it’s not a bad way to spend an hour whether a fan or not.

‘C’Mon You Know’ is an eclectic mix of genres and while that may be chaotic for some artists, it does not prove to be for Liam Gallagher and his trusted producer/songwriter Andrew Wyatt.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

2 responses to “Album Review – C’Mon You Know – Liam Gallagher”

  1. I had no idea he was coming out with new music; I’m not a huge Oasis/Gallagher fan but it was certainly music that made an impact in the 90s when they/he first became known. Thanks for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely. They really changed the face of britpop and indie rock genres. Thank you – it was the first album review I have wrote in a while 😊


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