Rare Beauty: Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

When Rare Beauty officially dropped in Ireland and the UK of March this year, I shared a mini haul and review (which you can read here). In that review, I mentioned how I got a sample of the Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation and my intention of buying it in full.

Well, I did in fact go ahead and buy it, and now that I’ve had my hands on it for a few weeks – and wearing it religiously – I thought I would share a few words on it too.

Rare Beauty claims that the ‘Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation’ is “An innovative long-lasting foundation that combines the weightless feel of a serum with buildable medium coverage for truly breathable, layerable wear.”

The foundation is available in 48 shades (we love to see it !) and is cruelty-free, vegan friendly and even suitable for sensitive skin.

As with most of the products in the Rare Beauty range, the packaging and bottle of the foundation is pretty unique. It’s sleek in appearance and unmistakably ‘Rare’ – like you could see some of these products and straight away you’d think that’s from Rare Beauty. 10/10 for branding!!

The ease of applying the foundation is testament to its a sizeable doe foot applicator. I have never used a foundation with a doe foot feature before (only with concealers) so it was new for me but I’ll probably never go back to pump or droplet foundations again.

It’s clever design means it’s mess free and with a few dots of foundation around the face, you are ready to blend, blend, blend and you’ll be good to go!

When I first applied the foundation, I was in awe of how it looked on my skin. It was so dewy and rather than cake into my skin, it just made it look glowing and healthy. I used a makeup sponge (prepped with setting spray) and it appeared to blend seamlessly but as stated on the Rare Beauty website, you can also use your fingers and let it blend into the skin that way too.

Living up to it’s ‘weightless’ standard, there is no feeling of wearing makeup with this foundation either. For the first couple of times I wore it, I even forgot I had makeup on and while it probably does depend on how your skin is doing on the day (we all have those bad skin days… or weeks) I would say the medium coverage is nearly even close to full. It certainly is buildable anyway.

As far as the shades go, I am pretty happy with the choice I made from the samples I first received. As an Irish girl with Irish skin, I sometimes can be pale, especially in Winter but I always found myself in between shades of other brands. The foundations either made me too pale, or too dark – neither a good look – but with the Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation, I finally found one that is just right for me which I am ridiculously excited about… if you couldn’t already tell!


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