Indiependence Festival 2022

In June, I wrote about my delight at attending a comedy festival, in July I got to attend a music one and after C*vid, it’s made festival season all the more sweeter.

Last weekend, I met up with some friends of mine at the Indiependence Festival – a music festival which takes place annually in Co. Cork, finally returning post-pandemic. Like so many others, I hadn’t been to a music festival in so long, I nearly forgot what it was like to attend one (😂) but I was excited to finally get some live music in and with good company.

Not unlike the comedy festival I went to in June, I didn’t stay for the full duration of Indiependence this year as I had other work commitments throughout the weekend, but that didn’t lessen my experience! I still had the best time.

I started the day with hopping a barrier – something to do with a day entrance gate having to be closed but shoutout to the girl working there who let me in quicker by clearing the queue barrier – and memories of standing front and centre at stage barriers and finding my way through to areas I probably wasn’t supposed to be in quickly started flooding back. (Yeah, okay, there’s a few stories there that may be worth telling in time…)

A quick chat with security about gigs while checking out bags, and I was soon on my way into the festival.

Straight away I spotted one of my friends already standing by the main stage (this is why we are friends!) and conversation soon turned to life updates, music and everything in between. We hadn’t seen each other in a while but it was as if no time has passed at all, which was lovely.

The music soon started up and more of our friends had joined us. We sang along to most of our favourite artists and bands in different areas of the festival throughout the night, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I remember one of the artists, Moncrieff, stopping to speak about the importance of being back at festivals, spending time with friends and not taking those moments for granted anymore. Given all that we have been through in the past couple of years, what he said really struck a chord with me. I stood before him, in a crowd, with a group of friends as we finally got to make new memories. It made me almost emotional.

Not only did he seem genuinely excited to be there himself, his vocals and performance were top class. It was my first time to see him live that night but it won’t be my last.

Being at Indiependence this year was definitely needed. I knew I missed live music and connecting with others but I didn’t realise just how much until I got to experience it all again.


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