It’s been 3 months since my last post…

Hello, is anyone still out there?

If there is, welcome back and if you happen to be new, you are also welcome. That’s how we roll around here.

In some ways, I can’t believe 3 months have managed to go by so quickly but in another way, it feels like a lot of time has went by.

The truth is, I have been one busy bee and my time has went into so many other areas. While it wasn’t my intention to stop blogging and creating content for this website in particular, something had to give before I spread myself too thin and this just happened to be that ‘thing’.

The last year has been full on for me. I threw myself into completing studies, volunteering and working hard in the area of radio/audio. The latter of which has been an absolute dream for me and something I do plan on pursuing more next year.

So that is where my focus will be, and I’m not really sure where this website will fit into that, or should I say around it but I know I probably will come back to it every now and then.

I’ve been hinting for a while on my Instagram that I have been working on getting an audio project off the ground so I’m putting it out there now and saying that in 2023 I will be starting my very own podcast !!

The details of which I won’t be sharing just yet but my social media presence will very much revolve around it once it’s up and running, and I plan on creating its own official website too for all the updates.

Now that it’s out there, I can’t go back so you can all hold me to it but honestly, it’s something I am quite excited about as this past year has made me realise that radio and broadcasting is something I want to put my sole focus into and I feel so lucky that I am getting to do that.

I will be back with a 2022 recap before December is out and I think it will explain in more detail, the reasons why I am going down this route. It’s been a wild one.

Until then, I wish you all a Happy and safe Christmas or holiday season, and the best New Year for 2023. ❤️


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